Friday, April 17, 2015

Third Shave This Week with the Lord L.6 Razor Head

My shaves with the Lord L.6 razor head have been so good that I've been reluctant to give it up. Today was the third straight shave, and I keep getting close, comfortable shaves.

I just can't stand too much of a good thing, however, so tomorrow I will use my Rimei RM2003 just to compare.

The Rimei RM2003 razor head on the handle from the Merkur Classic (33C).

The Rimei has a just-above-neutral blade exposure, which is more positive than the L.6, so it should be easier to get that close shave that I love. However, the Rimei also has a smaller blade angle (in relation to the shave plane) than the L.6, so it is also a lower-irritation shave. The only real question is whether I can avoid wounds with the Rimei.

Tune in tomorrow for my weekly shave summary to find out the answer to that question.

Today looks to be a beautiful, sunny spring day, so I'm hoping I can fit in some tennis late this afternoon. Before then, I'm giving my final lecture of the semester in my university health and nutrition class. Next week is the final exam, and after calculating and posting semester grades, it's on to other work for the summer.

Happy shaving!

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