Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why is This Razor Becoming the Mass-Market Starter Razor?

The razor shown below is becoming the de-facto starter razor for the masses, re-introducing the metal DE safety razor to those who have only previously known electrics or multi-bladed (or single bladed) disposable plastic razors.

Is this TTO razor a MicroTouch One? Dorco Prime? Van Der Hagen? Weishi? Some other?
It appears that this razor, which I allege is likely made by Weishi, has become the razor of choice for marketers re-branding it with their own name and selling as part of a DE starter set.

The characteristics of this razor include the following:
  • Twist-to-open (TTO) design 
  • Chrome plated
  • Non-slip / low-slip handle
  • Mild shave character, reputed to have the shave head patterned off the classic Gillette Super Speed razor
Though this razor may not please the majority of shaving hobbyists or aficionados, who tend to sample many new and vintage instruments, I think it's no accident that so many marketers have chosen this razor as their "starter" offering.

The razor is first and foremost, reasonably inexpensive. Though far from the cheapest, it is certainly available for under $25. And this makes sense; you don't want to try and sell a $70 razor to someone who isn't sure they'll use it for more than a week.

Secondly, it's a TTO design, which lowers another barrier to entry by offering the more familiar design (as opposed to the more esoteric two- and three-piece razors). And further, this design is often (incorrectly) perceived by the uninitiated as being safer and easier to change blades.

Thirdly, it has a mild shaving character, which after a first use will remove a great deal of the DE fear factor. So many who have never tried DE shaving perceive it as a dangerous, risky proposition. This pussy cat of a razor helps to douse the flames of that fear.

Beyond those reasons, the razor is nice looking, feels good in the finger tips, and with reasonable care, can be somewhat durable.

So it's no accident that this razor is becoming increasingly visible and available. These marketing guys actually know what they're doing.

Happy shaving!

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