Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rewarding Herecy

And so I continue to challenge cherished beliefs -- with great results.

I am still not rinsing my boar brush full of lather after the shave; just letting it hang dry lather and all. Not only that, I don't soak my boar brush in warm water before the shave....

I don't soak a natural-bristled brush at all prior to lathering up!

I simply lay or roll the brush knot in my wet palm to moisten the dried lather so it doesn't float off as I start to lather. Then I run some water directly into the knot out of the cool-water tap.

Then I lather and shave with result not one bit diminished from when I followed the herd. In fact, when compared to hot-water shaves, my cool-water shaves have been consistently better -- less irritation.

Happy shaving -- and following the road less traveled!


  1. One of the real-life characters I met at the flea market traded me a Sharpie pen (with just enough ink for a couple price tags) for a pack of blades. I offered to sell him more, for variety's sake. "No, I'll probably just sharpen these." I assured that he had the right brand for that, at least: Racer. About the cheapest there is, not too sharp, but seems like nice steel.

    A year later, I find myself mastering tug-and-cut shaving, using 100% oblique strokes and that same dull brand of blade. After a month, I don't want to throw it away. I can see a lot of edge left. But it's taken a few fingernail hits and just isn't sharp enough.

    Honed on the exposed ceramic on the bottom of a mug, it shaved like a dull Feather, pretty rough. Obviously, it needs a stropping on newspaper as well. :)