Friday, July 3, 2015

The Aqua Velva Man

Remember the old advertising slogan on TV in the USA: "There's something about an Aqua Velva man"?

Well, that's me. I finally broke down and bought a bottle of Aqua Velva blue aftershave from my corner pharmacy. I've always liked the clean, manly smell.

I'm not much of an old-school after-shave kind of guy, however. My concern is with the alcohol content and its effect on my sensitive skin. So I don't simply splash it on after my shave. Oh no, I've been using my Aqua Velva in unusual and rewarding ways.

Not me. But I guess that Aqua Velva
men come in all types and sizes.
As you may know, my preferred, privately-made shave soap, Grandad's, is made without added fragrance. I use it both pressed into a re-purposed Greek-yogurt cup, in which I swirl my wet brush prior to making lather; and I also roll it into a cylindrical shaving stick for application directly to my wet beard when I choose. Since I purchased the Aqua Velva, I've been adding a small amount to my yogurt cup of shave soap, and when I swirl my brush in the cup, I now have Aqua Velva fragrance as well as its stimulating and cooling effect added to my shave soap.

The second unusual way that I use my Aqua Velva is after the shave, but I don't apply it as intended then either.

That's me: ladies' man, tennis player extraordinaire,
bon vivant, and well-groomed Aqua Velva man.
What I do is take some inexpensive non-greasy face moisturizer, which also happens to have a bit of sunscreen in it: SPF 15. I squirt some of this into my palm, and.... wait for it.... I add a few milliliters of Aqua Velva. I mix that in my palm with my finger and then apply that admixture to my freshly-shaved face.

It is a wonderful after-shave balm that leaves my skin cool, smooth, moisturized, and refreshed. Best of all, I smell like Aqua Velva!

Happy shaving, and may you develop into an Aqua Velva man!


  1. Very interesting. My grandfather used Aqua Velva. I still remember the smell :) I'm also not fond of alcohol based aftershaves, but I might go get some and try your tricks.

    I've read that some guys combine their alchohol based AS with 444 aftershave balm to take out the sting, similar to what you do.

    1. I've found out that Aqua Velva has been discontinued where I live. Boo!