Monday, September 14, 2015

Better Today :-)

Today's shave with the Super-Max Titanium (SMT) blade, second use, continued to be a dramatic improvement over the prematurely-ditched Gillette 7-o'clock black blade.

My first pass with the SMT blade in the c.1948 Gillette Tech gave a very good standard shave, with which I could have stopped and pretty happily gone about my day. In my experience, the only major drawback to a good standard shave (that is, one pass) is it isn't very close just below my jaw line where the surface is the most horizontal.

So I did opt for a second pass, and this one against grain -- even on my upper lip. The result was a very close, comfortable shave. After splashing on some witch hazel, I applied an alum block to test for irritation. The alum revealed almost none, which was a dramatic improvement over the shaves with the India-made Gillette blade. After I rinsed off the residual alum and dried my face, I rubbed on some Gillette after-shave gel (blue bottle) to cap the shave.

I did have a few minor weepers, which may have been partially vestiges of the last couple of days, and perhaps partially due to my excessive confidence with the Weishi 9306 as a finishing razor. I expect that my shave tomorrow will be even better using the same gear and process.

Happy shaving!

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  1. Just made my 8th shave with the Personna Red stropping the blade afterwards with shaving oil. Sharpness was still there. My test is an atg on the neck without any pain. It's my most sensitive area and a dull blade will make me cry like a baby. The Personna sliced right through it! The blade feels sharp enough for another week. Lets see if that happens! I did switch from the Merkur 23c back to the Edwin Jagger de89 about midweek and the blade works great in that razor.

    I do believe that palm stropping a blade with shaving oil greatly improves durability. And the light film of oil on the blade also preserves the sharpness.