Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Some Observations from Today's Shave

The third shave with the Super-Max Titanium (SMT) blade was a pretty good one. I did notice several things though:
Like the man of steel, the Super-Max Titanium blade is a
blade of steel, but isn't as super as the Personna red label.

  • With the SMT blade, I can definitely notice a difference in cutting efficiency when comparing direct to oblique strokes; the oblique strokes are smoother, more efficient -- especially when doing against-grain strokes
  • I had some obvious irritation and weepers on my left-lower neck -- still residual from the past few days, but the aggressive against-grain strokes on my second pass were a contributor as well.
  • Today's shave was close, but the alum block did reveal some irritation beyond that described in the preceding bullet.
  • The above observations suggest that though the SMT blade is not bad, the Personna red is superior.
  • I don't expect to get the same longevity from the SMT blade as the Personna red, but will see how much I can extend the useful life of this blade beyond the normal seven shaves that I would routinely take prior to depositing the blade in the recycle bank. As is my now-usual process, I oil-palm stropped the blade after press drying, and then put it back into my c.1948 Tech for tomorrow's first pass.
Happy shaving!

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  1. I used to like the Blue Diamond; I think titanium was mentioned on its packaging as well. One usually can't expect great longevity in the "smooth" category. Polsilver SI is something special, though. I'd like to give that another try with the flex-enabling razors I've just acquired. It always seemed like it was slicing the hairs lengthwise, with a "squidgy" feeling.