Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Standard Shave Report #2

Regarding Yesterday's Article....

Unfortunately, when I wrote yesterday's piece I was significantly sleep deprived. Even though I proof read it several times prior to abandoning it to the ethers of the Internet, when I came back and gave it another glance in the afternoon, I was horrified to find a few cases where I hadn't even written what I meant to say -- typos aside. Sorry about that.

So I revised a few things without actually highlighting the changes. If you give it a second read, it may make more sense in a few places.

Now back to my standard shaves this week:

Gillette Slim Adjustable on Six, One With-Grain Pass

Today I followed through with my shave and, as Thad L. predicted a couple of days ago in a comment, even set to six of nine, the Slim Adjustable wasn't able to shave that closely under my jaw line and on my neck. So today I took an extra half pass with the Slim still on six, and cleaned up from the jaw line down.

So I got a completely adequate 1-1/2-pass shave -- sort of a standard shave plus. It's not baby smooth, but good enough for government work. No wounds, no irritation. ;-)

Tomorrow I'm going back to my usual, two-pass shave so I can better enjoy the outcome throughout the day. So much for a full week of standard shaves; they're just not sufficiently satisfying.

Update: Blade-Longevity Reminder

Today was the 23rd shave on my Personna-red blade. It was still working well shaving against grain on my sensitive neck, so it's clearly got some life still left in it. WOW! is all I can say. Obviously oiled-palm stropping after the shave is the way to go for better blade life and more comfortable long-term shaving.

Happy shaving!


  1. Assuming you bought a box of 100 blades I'm guessing you won't need a resupply for until 2025

  2. Congratulations. You really think it's the oil, huh? I'd been letting it slide, and went back down to a week and a half or so of blade life. Could be.

  3. I'm inspired! I'm on day two with a Personna red in a Merkur 23C. I'm stropping the blade 5 times on each side of the cutting edges with shaving oil. I doubt I'll get the same mileage as you have but I will say the the Personna reds are the best fit for me.

    Love the idea of using lotion between lathers. It really works better for me and gives the razor a nice glide and really improves the shave!