Monday, January 30, 2017

Coming Attractions: On-Line Garage Sale, Parker-Variant Review

A Garage Sale Coming Soon!

Yep, in keeping with my interest to continue pursuing a more simple life, it's a win-win opportunity for the both of us. I get to reduce my inventory of stuff, and you have the opportunity to get a razor that has been lightly used and at a reduced cost.

Stay tuned for this one. I need to confirm shipping costs so there are  no surprises, and I'll start posting the available inventory.

A partial list (from memory; I'm not at home as I write this) of the razors that will be available is as follows (in no particular order):
  • Merkur 37C slant
  • Merkur 33C Classic
  • Merkur 030 "Bakelite" w/case in original packaging
  • Weishi 9306F one piece (TTO)
  • Dorco Prime one piece (TTO - visually identical to the Weishi 9306F but slightly different weight and different shaving character: more aggressive)
  • Rimei RM2003 (two available)
  • Gillette Tech, c. 1948, gold toned 
  • Gillette Tech c. 1965, travel razor in gold travel case with original (unused) blade
  • Lord LP1822L (the popular L.6 razor head!)
  • Maggard MR3B (with the original v1 razor head and the no-longer-produced "big boy" handle that's chrome with the wide black grip
I will provide photos and details for each. They all shave like new and most of those in current production are in as-new condition. The minor exceptions will be explained.

The Parker Variant is in Play!

The Variant razor from Parker is safe and secure in my bathroom drawer, and so far has been a very interesting razor to study and use. I will be writing an in-depth review of both its shaving character and design details that, to my knowledge, have not yet been published anywhere.

This looks to be a must-not-miss article that will be displayed here in the near future -- although I'm still gathering information and experience at the present time. Be sure to check back for this one; you'll be glad you did.

Happy shaving!

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