Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Rimei RM2003 Shave this Morning....

If you have learned to shave with an appropriately-light touch (and it took me a long time to actually do that!), I believe that the Rimei RM2003 razor can be perhaps the best value in double-edge razors. It took me a long time to learn to really appreciate this razor, but now that the clouds have parted, I can enjoy the function of this instrument.

My shave this morning was close and comfortable, without even re-awakening the significant weeper on my mid neck that I so carelessly created yesterday with the "Bakelite" razor from Merkur.

We can't get an accurate blade angle from this image because
the camera isn't looking directly down the blade edge, but it does
show the quality of the sharply-defined bends in the baseplate
as well as the blade reveal, which is greater than a classic Tech.

The RM2003 is a chrome-plated, modern take on the classic post-WWII Gillette Tech razors. It's not a clone by any means -- having obvious physical differences and a slightly more aggressive shave character -- but it's hewn from the same basic qualities: simplicity, value, and effectiveness.

There are challenges in buying this razor. First of all, there are unscrupulous sellers who offer shoddy imitations. They have similar names such as RI MEI. Secondly, there are sometimes quality-control issues with the real thing. For example, I received my first bona fide RM2003 with a bend in a safety bar that made the razor unusable. The seller was slow to replace, but I used Amazon's refund policy to get my money back, no problem. But when I found a seller who was actually honest and selling the real product, I bought several to give as gifts and even a back-up razor for me (perhaps an irrational move, but I can always give that one away as well).

This is an old photo from an eBay seller. It's not quite right
because the handle shown isn't the style that comes with
current RM2003s. Maybe it's just an old pic, or maybe it's
a knock off of the real thing and doesn't come with the
real RM2003 razor head, which is a common ploy.
Buyer beware, and be sure to shop where there is a
dependable refund policy in place.
The real deal comes in a blue-and-clear-plastic case. It also comes with a Chinese blade that may best be immediately recycled rather than being used for shaving. The top cap has tabs in its four corners -- one of which can be seen in the close-up photo above. The baseplate has sharply-defined corners -- again as can be seen in the photo -- and is chrome plated. It is also rigid and not easily bent, as are some of the cheesy imitators. Lastly, the handle on the real deal is also chrome plated with a square pattern incised in the main part of the handle. (Cheap imitators have a handle with long grooves running down its length.)

Anyway, I've acquired a new appreciation for this low-cost-but-high-value razor. Maybe you will too. The offerings on Amazon cost a few dollars more than the lowest-cost sellers, but 1) the buyer protection is good and 2) they're available.


 Happy shaving!

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