Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Detroit Iron, Detroit Style

If someone mentions Detroit Iron, Detroit Style, images of Camaros, Mustangs, or Corvettes might spring to  mind.

But today as I write of Detroit Iron, Detroit Style, I'm talking about grooming and grooming products like double-edge (DE), straight, and barbers' razors as well as other grooming products.

The interior of the Detroit Grooming Barber Shop
as viewed from near the front door.
The Detroit Grooming Barber Shop is in Ferndale, Michigan: a community just north of Detroit on the main street of Detroit, Woodward Avenue. Woodward Avenue, also known as M1, runs from near the river front in downtown Detroit to Pontiac, Michigan, which is about 20 miles to the north. In between is a continuous series of communities including Ferndale.

Some of Detroit Grooming Company's products on display.
The Detroit Grooming Barber Shop is a cool place where you can get a cut and a shave, but you can also peruse various grooming supplies including their own line of barbers' razors (replaceable blades), straight razors, and DE razors.

Their own line of locally-designed razors includes several that are both very unique and manufactured in the USA as well. The most noteworthy is their ultra-heavyweight, stainless-steel DE razor weighing in at about 220 grams (7.75 ounces). Aptly named The Alpha, this razor is available with either a smooth or knurled handle and is said to offer an aggressive shave character.

The Alpha razors from the Detroit Grooming Company.
For more information or to book an appointment for a cut or a shave, see their web site at

For more information about the products available, see their web site at

Happy shaving!

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