Monday, February 20, 2017

Razor "Garage" Sale! Going... Going...

My promised "garage" sale continues for razors that I really don't need or use much anymore. Better for them to have a good home rather than sit in a closet. Razors are in as-new condition unless noted, but will not come with original packaging unless noted. All prices include the cost of packaging and mailing within the USA.

If you have an interest in a particular razor but want more info about condition or any other detail, email for more information and photos as appropriate.

Note: I take meticulous care of my razors. I don't drop them, and fastidiously clean and dry them after each use. If you see one you like, email me at First come, first served, and winners will be determined by time stamp on the email. Payment by PayPal or credit card.

1965 Gillette Travel Tech Razor, Unused Vintage Blade & Zippered Gold Vinyl Travel Case

In very good condition. Plated Zamak top cap, which is consistent with all Techs of this era. The usual Tech baseplate.

Shaves just like any post-WW-II Tech.
Razor head will accept any standard handle.

Both top cap and baseplate plated, and the plating is fully intact and in good shape.

Short stainless-steel handle (20 g handle weight) is a surprisingly good shaver. This handle is ultra compact, but of a good weight for its size. So because the threads on this razor are standard, the razor head in this set can be swapped for your favorite three-piece-razor's head, and you can use that for traveling if you choose.

The plastic case is a little stiff from age but has no visible defects. Great item for collectors or travelers. The last photo shows the case in relation to a pair of reading glasses, which gives you an idea of how compact a package this travel set is.

My price: $18.99
$24 includes packaging & shipping.

Dorco Prime TTO

A modern version of a Gillette Superspeed. Weighing in at 55g (1.9 oz) this has the heft, grip and shave of a classic razor. With a moderate shave character, it also comes with a tough, lined travel/storage case. Like new.

Handle size: 3-1/8" long, 7/16" dia.

My price: $10.99
 $14 includes shipping & packaging

Lord LP1822L (w/ L.6 Razor Head)

This razor comes with the 4" aluminum handle and weighs in at 44 g (1.6 oz). A mild shaver which is similar to but more aggressive than the Merkur 33 due to the unique cross-section shape of the L.6 safety bar, which gives a slightly larger span between the bar and blade edge.

Like new. Compare at $14, then add shipping.

My price: $6.99
$9 includes shipping & packaging

Sold! Merkur 33C Classic DE: 

This one has a mild shave character and many like to pair it with a sharp blade for best results. Excellent for DE beginners, those with sensitive skin, and those with lots of contours and complicated terrain. Weight: 56g (2.0 oz). Classic handle size: 3" long, 3/8" dia.
Shipped in an un-padded blue and clear Rimei case.
This one is in almost-new condition. On the top cap near the blade-tab sides are two small areas where the mirror finish is slightly fogged. This is only a most subtle cosmetic issue; the protective chrome finish is completely intact.
Compare at $25 or more new, then add shipping.
My price: $15.99
 $19 includes shipping & packaging  Sold!

Sold! Merkur 15C Open Comb

A classic three-piece razor with mild shaving character but due to the open-comb baseplate has the ability to shave hair of any length. Great for removing beards/mustaches, trimming the edges of hairlines such as beards or the back of the neck, or even for every day shaves. Classic handle length of 3" and 3/8" diameter. Ships in a blue-and-clear-plastic Rimei case.  
Like-new condition.
My price: $10.99
$14 includes packing & shipping.   Sold!

Sold! C.1948 Gold-Toned Gillette Tech Razor - Very Good Condition

This gold-toned Gillette Tech was manufactured between 1946 and 1950, and we know this by the absence of date codes and the shape of the lather slots in the baseplate.
  o The handle looks almost like new.
  o The baseplate is also in very good condition.
  o The top cap has all its plating/coating intact and the Gillette logo is clearly visible. There are a few patches with slight lightening of the gold-toned coating and minor blemishes (see photos).
 Gillette Tech: My price: $18.99 includes packaging & shipping.

SOLD! Heavy-Weight Parker SRX All-Stainless-Steel Barber Razor

Like new in original box. High-gloss stainless-steel construction features heavy weight for those who like a heavy razor and would like a barber razor with the mass similar to a traditional straight without needing the difficult, expensive, and time-consuming honing and stropping. 
Use this to get a low-investment start in straight-razor shaving or as a travel straight.
Takes recyclable, replaceable half-DE blades mounted in the fan-and-clasp design, which many find easier to use.
Like-new condition.
Compare at $25 plus shipping.
My price: $12.99
$17 includes packing & shipping.

SOLD! Merkur 030 Bakelite Three-Piece

Like new. Used only a handful of times to test the shave. Shaving character is a deceivingly comfortable, non-irritating shave despite moderate to slightly aggressive capability -- meaning don't get lulled into complacency. Very light weight. Many prize this as a travel razor because of its lightness and shaving character. Can provide a close shave. Comes with original box, plastic case, and the full, unused package of Merkur blades.
My price $16 including shipping/packaging   SOLD!

SOLD! Merkur 37C Slant
If you've ever want to try the classic slant at a bargain price, this is your opportunity. Though it has no visible flaws, the razor baseplate was removed from the handle and re-fitted (it's a long story), now being well secured with epoxy. (If I didn't tell you, you wouldn't know.) It shaves like it did when it was new, but it has in fact been repaired. Weight: 75g (2.6 oz). 
Compare at $39 or more, then add shipping.
My price $17 including shipping/packaging   SOLD!

SOLD! Weishi 9306-F TTO

Weighing 57g (2.0 oz), this is a mild shaver, perfect for beginners, light beards, or those special sensitive areas. Like new and with its original plastic travel/storage case. Handle length: 3-1/8".
My price $19 including shipping/packaging SOLD!

SOLD! Gillette Tech Razor, Gold Toned, c 1948  

In very good shape, this razor shows only a little wear along the safety bars and the edges of the top cap and the ball end of the handle -- but not that much wear. (The photo exaggerates the paleness of the wear.) The Gillette emblem on the top cap is clearly visible. In all a fine specimen. This one is not a give away, but worth every bit of my price. Shipped in a blue-and-clear-plastic Weishi case as shown. Weight: 61g (2.2 oz). Handle: 3"  SOLD!
My price $19 including shipping/packaging 

SOLD!  Maggard MR3B (Maggard v1 razor head)

Like new. Buy this razor for the handle, which is no longer in production. The handle alone weighs 65 g (2.3 oz), is a classic 3" in length, but is 5/8" in diameter! The bottom cap of the handle screws off and you can fill the hollow handle with bee-bees or other weighty material to add even more heft if you like. Material looks to be chromed steel with a nicely knurled black accent band in the central part of the handle.
SOLD! My price $19 including shipping/packaging

If any of these strike your fancy, make your claim by email (, then we'll work out payment via PayPal or credit card, you ensure I have the correct mailing address, then I deliver the parcel to the post office.

Happy shaving!

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