Monday, February 23, 2015

Back to the Merkur Classic This Week

After a harsh shave to open the week using a Lord Platinum Class blade in my Rimei RM2003 razor, I've put the Lord blade into my Merkur 33C Classic razor for today's shave -- and likely for the rest of the week.

Merkur 33C Classic Razor

As I've often written, the Lord PC blade isn't the best of my inventory for my skin; it just seems to shave a little rough. When put in a razor that has a slightly positive blade exposure (that is, the blade edge lies above the shave plane formed by the razor's top cap and safety bar) such as the RM2003, the edge can bear down a bit too much and thereby rile sensitive skin. This can be true even when the razor has low blade angles (such as the RM2003), which help to make the shave easier on delicate dermis.

With the shave plane drawn in, the negative blade exposure of the Merkur 33 is clearly seen.

But this blade in the Merkur 33, which has a negative blade exposure and a moderate blade-bar gap, is much better behaved.

Similarly, when I take my first shave with a Feather blade next week, it will also be in the 33 razor. I have previously written that I probably wouldn't shave with a Feather blade because, based on published information, it is likely too sharp and not sufficiently face friendly to give me a pleasant shave. However, I already had the package of blades on hand, so I figured I might as well test my unproven hypothesis about Feather blades and my face being an imperfect match.

So my weekly shave review this coming Saturday will be on the latest Lord Platinum Class adventure, but a week from this Saturday will be about my safari into Feather land.

Happy shaving!

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