Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Rimei RM2003 Surprises!

On Friday, my latest Rimei purchase, the RM2003, arrived. It took three full weeks shipping time, but it arrived intact, and for the price of the razor plus no added shipping charge, I can't complain.
Rimei RM2003 disassembled.

After doing my inspection routine, I determined that this razor, unlike the first one I received, was shave worthy; so I gave it a go.

Okay, the sample size of one shave with a week-old blade that's one shave away from the recycle bank is both small and generally can't be assumed to be representative. However, that said, the shave was....

Surprisingly good -- bordering on spectacular!

I will do a follow-up article on the details of this razor because I can't at the moment explain why its maiden shave was not only surprisingly close in three passes, but was also both comfortable and produced nearly no wounds. For me, given my general experiences, it was an excellent shave. Perhaps one of my best ever.

I will be doing more shaves with this razor this week, and will be looking more closely at the design geometry to figure out if the first shave was just a fluke or something to be expected.

I have to admit, though, that I liked the first shave so much, I ordered another RM2003 for a gift to a friend and still another one, as a back-up or travel razor, for myself.

Stay tuned; more to come!

Happy shaving (and question everything)!


  1. Replies
    1. Ha ha. :-D I'm not sure what you mean, but as for me, I am now tempted to start sending these razors to my friends like a religious zealot trying to share the good news.

  2. Last year's tax refund went into a box of these from the manufacturer, and I sit like a fool at flea markets. Yes, all I need is a sandwich board and the smell of urine... well, I do have a box of Arko.

    1. So I'm curious: how much are you charging for your products, how have the sales gone, and what are some of the more interesting or common responses that you've gotten from your prospective clients?

    2. Also, how many razors did you receive in your order of a "box"?

  3. I have ordered a Rimei to the rimei "official" seller in ebay for 8$ with free shippng and I really hope I get one without defects.

    I have already purchased one via DX for ~5$ with free shipping and it did not come symmetrical, so asked for a replacement. The replacement, the same, one side larger than the other so I'm asking for a refund of it.

    Tbh, I don't blame other reviewers and this blog for the hype on this, I got a good shave with the first defective rimei but only using one side and tried the other with extra care. However, it is an odyssey to get one without defects. More of a waste of time than money. I'll keep my fingers crossed for this one, since I really like the 2003 design.