Monday, August 3, 2015

Things I Believe...

Remember the movie, Bull Durham? Annie and Crash are arguing, and Annie asks, "Well, what do you believe?", which was the intro for Crash to do his I-believe-in-the-soul.... speech.

Though perhaps not as memorable as Crash's, here's a fragment of what I believe this morning:

I believe....
  • In the soul
  • That a  cool-water shave can be as good or better than a hot-water shave
  • Men who insist on using multi-blade cartridge razors are missing the forest for the trees, missing turning an expensive, ecologically-irresponsible daily chore into a responsible, cost-effective celebration of manhood
  • Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, but may not have fired the fatal shot (watch JFK: The Smoking Gun, or read Mortal Error: The Shot that Killed JFK -- but also read critiques for opposite views)
  • One can love one's country but fear or distrust its government (with its improperly incentivized or outright-corrupt officials)
  • Too many people confuse expensive with high quality
  • In living simply as much as possible
  • The Tech razor was the highest evolution of a DE razor (simple, inexpensive, mild yet effective, durable); everything beyond that has been over engineering
  • That religion distorts and mythologizes the truth
  • The current, fashionable scruffy unshaven look is largely due to multi-blade disposable-razor technology
  • That there is life on other planets (how can there not be? -- given the mind-boggling vastness of the universe -- the sheer numbers alone are almost impossible to comprehend!)
  • A minority of one can sometimes be right
  • A two-pass daily shave can be adequate most of the time
  • That cable TV is both too expensive (check out the Roku alternative) and is a motivation killer
  • That even though I do it as little as possible, I still spend too much time mowing my lawn
Happy shaving!

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  1. Look at the bright side: mowing as pre-preshave. I always shave closest after a good workout, and I don't think the petrol fumes hurt, either.