Thursday, August 27, 2015

Using Moisturizer and After-Shave Lotion Together

I have somewhat dry skin after shaving, and if I use an alum block or liquid astringents such as witch hazel or most after-shave lotions, they make the situation worse.

But I do like to have a little post-shave fragrance on my face as long as it's not too strong or persistent.

So I have experimented with after-shave balms as well as mixing unscented moisturizing cream with a bit of alcohol-based after-shave lotion.

An alternative method that I've found effective is to complete the shave with whatever processes and applications are called for (as usual). Some days it may just be a water rinse or a water rinse followed by a witch hazel rub. Other days may need an alum rub, and sometimes I need dabs of styptic in various places (those are the really careless-shaving days).

However, the alternative after-shave method is that now I will often cap the shave with some unscented moisturizing lotion applied to the shaved area. Then I will rub on a bit of alcohol-based after shave lotion, which leaves a nice, mild fragrance but also knocks down the tendency of the moisturizer to leave a sticky residue.

Best of both worlds: moisturizing without stickiness and a nice fragrance as well.

Happy shaving!


  1. I had found alcohol based products dried my skin so I avoided them. Which seemed to help. Never tried witch hazel but my current system seems to work well.

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  3. I always - warm rinse then cold rinse; alum block; witch hazel rinse; splash on aftershave; finish off with moisturizer (cold cream is great - it worked for Grandma). Haven't had razor burn or dry skin in years.