Saturday, October 10, 2015

Linking Razor Performance to Blade Used in Two-rriffic Shaves

Yesterday's article and this morning's very good shave gave me an idea for a new experiment. Yeah, sure, I gave you a list of razors that might work well on sensitive skin for a first-pass razor, or as an only-pass (standard shave) razor. But this morning, it also occurred to me that different blades work differently with various razors, and that I probably should start sorting that out.

So I've added a new wrinkle to my blade-wrapper record keeping. In addition to using hash marks to track the number of shaves on each blade, I'm also tracking the general character of the comfort of the blade when paired with different razor heads. For the comfort rating, I'm keeping it simple: it's either desirable or not.

The blade wrapper will now have the following information:

  • Month(s) and year of use
  • Hash marks representing the number of shaves  the blade completed
  • Two columns of razor head types
Each of the two columns listed on the blade wrapper represent either first-pass or finishing-pass use.

I've also added a couple of razor heads to the first-pass list. My first-pass list of razors now includes the following razors or razor heads (for three-piece razors, I'm only using one of two handles: the gold-toned, ball-end vintage Tech, and the Merkur classic handle, which comes with the 33C and 15C models):
  • Merkur 15C open comb
  • Rimei RM2003
  • Gillette Slim Adjustable (set to about four of nine)
  • Gillette Tech c.1948
  • Maggard, 1st generation straight-bar razor head
  • Weishi 9306-F
  • Lord L.6 razor head (from their LP1822L razor)
My candidates for the finishing pass remains very short and unchanged from yesterday's list:
  • Weishi 9306-F
  • Gillette Slim Adjustable (set to one of nine)
On the blade wrappers, I will simply put a plus (+) or minus (-) sign to rate the quality of the pass with that razor. The criteria for acceptability is rather simple: did I get a wound-free (or nearly so) shave with little to no irritation? If the answer is yes, then a plus sign is recorded; if no, then the razor-blade combination gets a minus sign for that shave.

The plan is to better specify which first- and finishing-pass razors perform best with which blades.

So far, the Merkur 15C open-comb razor has performed well with the Personna Super (lab-blue) blade in a one-pass or first-pass role. The 9306 was its usual self, working well as the closer. Others have not been as good for the first pass, though my memory is vague as to specifically which -- hence the justification for this new tracking. I'll keep you informed as appropriate.

Happy shaving!

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