Thursday, October 15, 2015

Weishi Versus Dorco Prime, Day 2

Yesterday I made a two-pass (with grain, then against) shave with the Dorco Prime razor using a Personna Super blade for its 19th and final use. In only two passes, with no extra clean-up strokes, the shave was surprisingly close, and more than I expected from the Dorco Prime razor.

Today, I pulled out the Weishi 9306-F, the fraternal twin to the Dorco Prime, and I put in a new Feather blade and took the same two-pass shave. Despite the new Feather blade, the shave required some touch up below my jaw line and on my mid and upper neck.

That done, the shave was almost as close as yesterday's with the Dorco Prime. Interestingly, there was as much lingering irritation a few minutes after the shave today as there was yesterday -- perhaps even a touch more on my lower neck.

I suspect that the likely slightly-greater mildness of the Weishi 9306, rendered the shave not as close despite the post-second-pass strokes. The irritation of yesterday I would be tempted to attribute to the combination of the old Personna blade in the Dorco; the old blade may be slightly irritating and, additionally, may not be an ideal combination with the Dorco as a finishing razor. Today's irritation I would think is due to the Feather blade itself, which I've never found ideal for my skin, in combination with the possibility that the Weishi is taking a smaller bit on the first pass, thus leaving just a bit too much stubble to make a comfortable second pass.

The experiment continues tomorrow testing these preliminary conclusions. Tomorrow I will start with the Feather blade in the Dorco Prime razor, then will go into the Weishi 9306-F for the finishing pass. My expectation is that this shave will be closer than today's and slightly more comfortable. My reasoning is that the Dorco will remove a bit more beard on the first pass than today, making the finishing pass more comfortable with the Weishi. The question for which I have no preliminary answer is whether the Weishi as a finishing razor can get close enough under my jaw line and on my upper neck to eliminate the need for additional clean-up strokes.

Again stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel.  Happy shaving!

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