Thursday, October 1, 2015

Buffing Standard Shave #2

This morning, like yesterday, I took another standard shave using the oblique buffing strokes with the grain and an anti-raking stroke pattern. Once again I used the mild, vintage Gillette Tech, c.1948, for the shave and put my sixth shave on the Personna Super (lab blue) blade. (If you don't have a vintage Tech, the same shave can be had from a new Rimei RM2003 razor, which can be acquired very inexpensively.)

Today was just a little different because I took advantage of the buffing and anti-raking pattern, which left a reasonable amount of lather on my skin. So I used this during my first pass to make additional clean-up strokes against grain under my jaw line and on my neck.

The outcome was a pretty-close shave in a single lathering. I'm good to go for the day, and, if yesterday was any indication, won't develop a shadow until after business hours.

Happy old-school standard shaving!

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