Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Summary: Third Quick Shave, 15th Shave on Bluebird Blade

Today was the 15th shave on a Bluebird blade. Though currently difficult to find, it is a performer. However, the good news is that my favorite blade remains the Israeli-made Personna Platinum-Chrome Stainless (the red label blade), which I find to be optimally sharp, comfortable, and durable.

I have been testing a shave technique that I call the quick shave. Today was my third shave this week using this technique.

It's relatively quick because it only involves lathering the face with a brush once, doesn't rinse the razor much during the shave, and only uses one razor and blade -- though there is more than one pass involved.

Because the first pass is with-grain oblique buffing, I prefer to use a mild razor such as a post-WWII Tech, a Lord LP1822L (which has the L.6 razor head), Merkur 33C, or Rimei RM2003.


I apply a not-too-thick coating of a rich shave lather on a wet beard, and buff the first pass using an anti-raking stroke pattern. I don't take the time to rinse the lather off the razor, and simply complete the first pass leaving much lather in the razor and on my shaven face.

Then I wet my hand and re-moisten the lather still on my face, re-spreading it evenly and thinly on my beard and neck. Then I take my second pass across or against grain as appropriate using oblique strokes and again with an anti-raking pattern.

This morning I repeated the re-wetting of my face and took some clean-up strokes under my jaw line.

In all it was a leisurely-paced shave that still only took about 13 minutes including set up and clean up.

It was a moderately-close shave that was also comfortable and perfect for a Saturday.

Happy shaving!

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