Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Face-Friendly Shave: Frankenrazor II and an Arko Lather

Today I'm giving my face a little rest. After the maiden shave yesterday with the moderately-aggressive Maggard MR3B unwisely paired with a depleted Lord Platinum Class blade, my skin felt just a little abused. So instead of a repeat shave with the MR3B, I'm going with my favorite shaving head in my stable of razors, which is, of course, the Merkur 33C head. The Maggard head has more blade reveal (what can be seen when viewing the razor from above the top cap) and more blade exposure (how much the blade edge is enclosed by the cove of the top cap and safety bar), meaning it may be more effective in reducing the passes necessary to shave a two-or-more-day growth. But for my sensitive skin, the design makes it easier to have a daily shave that is a bit harsh, when compared to other, milder-cutting razors.

So for this shave with the Merkur-razor head, I've kept the factory 33C handle in the bathroom cabinet, and instead have paired the stout, heavy Maggard handle with the Merkur head. Thus, I've created Frankenrazor II, also known as Frank the deuce.
Frankenrazor II: the Merkur 33C top cap and baseplate, and the Maggard MR3B handle, which itself is listed as weighing a whoppinng 63 grams. If that's not heavy enough for you, the end cap of the handle screws off, allowing the addition of even more weight if you want to combine your morning shave with muscle-building weight training.  ;-)
Arko: good protection, clean aroma, and inexpensive as well!
I put a last-use (7th shave) Personna Blue blade into Frank the deuce. Then using my Arko shave stick, I rubbed the shave soap onto my cheeks and the parts of my face that are most sensitive: under the jawline, upper lip and chin. I have come to not only accept the Arko fragrance, I actually enjoyed the clean aroma as I shaved this morning. I also think it is one of the better values in shaving soap, giving excellent performance at a very modest price.

Today's shave was totally minimalist, with two passes. This accomplished the mission, which was to get a close-enough shave with no skin irritation.

The shave closeness looks good, but is not all that rewarding to the hand -- due in large measure to the combination of mild-shaving razor head, ready-for-recycle-bank blade, and only two passes with today's gear.

My skin's condition feels good and ready for whatever the day brings, as well as the up-coming comparison shaves of the week ahead. The plan is to compare the shaves of my stock, as-from-the-factory Merkur 33C with my latest and perhaps last razor acquisition, the Merkur 15C open comb, which, I believe, has the same factory handle as the 33C.

Stay tuned, and happy shaving!

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