Friday, September 5, 2014

Trying the Three Double-Edge Razor Types

Recently I read a comment from someone relating to the fact that once you have (or have shaved with) a straight-bar razor, slant-bar razor, and open-comb razor, you've about covered it. This got me to thinking.

I concluded that I've been too focused on variety within the straight-bar-razor design family, and as a final hurrah to my razor sampling, I should give a mild-cutting open-comb razor a test drive. I figure that with my sensitive skin, it is quite possible that a mild-shaving open-comb razor may offer the best combination of large blade curvature (for optimal shearing, not scraping) and limited blade reveal and exposure for a close, minimum-irritation daily shave.
The Merkur 15C open comb:
My last razor acquisition for testing?

As you may know, I have a variety of straight bar razors, some of which are listed below:

  • Merkur 33C Classic
  • Lord LP 1822L (L6)
  • Weishi 9306-F
  • Weishi 2003-M
  • Gillette Slim Adjustable
  • Wilkinson Sword Classic
  • Maggard MR3B
  • Shave Factory TTO
These straight-bar razors are all different in weight, blade-holding and exposure characteristics, and shave a little differently. Yet they are all about the same. I have my preference, which remains the Merkur 33C, but the differences are subtle. The jury is still out on whether the Maggard MR3B is in the running as one of my favorites, and I'll continue shaving with that for a while with various blades.

I must also admit that I don't really have a strong preference for heavier razors. I think the 33C head shaves as well with the factory handle as it does with the heavier one I've been using. Though it does seem true that many prefer its heavier cousin, the 34C Heavy Duty.

I also have a slant-bar razor, the Merkur 37C, which I also like quit a bit, but perhaps not quite as much as the 33C.

Supermax Titanium Blades
So my final razor acquisition (I know, I've said this before) will be the open-comb sibling of the 33C, which is the Merkur 15C. This is on its way, and will arrive next week. I'll be giving that a go and reporting to you as soon as possible.

I've also got some SuperMax Titanium blades on the way, which I will be also taking for a spin as soon as possible. And speaking of blades....

Today's shave was the second one with the Maggard MR3B. I did 1-1/2 passes and got an adequately-close shave, but with noticeable irritation, which I attribute to the Lord Platinum Class blade. As you may know, I don't like these blades all that much when fresh out of the wrapper, but this blade today, in retrospect, was used up and should have been put in the recycle bank before the shave, not after.

That's it for today.  Happy shaving!

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