Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Travel Razor: Updated Thoughts

The other day I narrowed the number of razors in my bathroom cabinet for daily shaves to two. But what about travel?

A couple of months ago, I had declared and used the Wilkinson Sword Classic as my designated travel instrument. But no longer.

The jury is in and the verdict read. Though the Wilkinson is a very good value, it is a bit too much on the mild side. Instead I have chosen a lighter-weight, lower-cost equivalent of the Merkur 33C for my luggage when I travel: the Lord LP1822L.

For beard prep with this razor, I will likely use a shave stick -- either my favored Arko for quality of lather, or Palmolive, which still gives a good shave and, in terms of size and weight as compared to Arko, is also a bit smaller and lighter -- a few less ounces to lug. Although these sticks can be lathered with wet hands, I will likely pack a brush so I get a less-compromised shaving experience.

Lord LP1822L: a fine-shaving and great-value razor. The minor imperfections in the chrome finish are visible in the baseplate corner nearest the camera and also on the side of both the topcap and baseplate.
The shaving head on the LP1822 is very similar to that on the Merkur 33C. Both are chrome over cast metal with about the same general design characteristics. The only significant differences are the handle, which on the LP1822 is longer but lighter due to its aluminum construction, and the chrome plating on the Lord has some imperfections. So the LP1822 and the 33C shave about the same, but the Lord razor is almost half the purchase price. This means that if my Lord razor is lost in the vagaries of travel, the financial impact is diminished.

So going forward it will be the Lord LP1822L that I pack.

Happy shaving!

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