Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Flying Solo: Soaring with the Palmolive Shave Stick on Second Attempt

The star of today's show:
the Palmolive shave stick.
Today's shave with the Palmolive shave stick was so much better than yesterday!

I can't definitively explain it. I did use a boar brush today (Van Der Hagen brand -- a terrific value!), which has more backbone. And significantly, I did a totally minimalist shave as well, relying exclusively on the Palmolive stick, and it really met the challenge. Perhaps what contributed most to the rebound experience was that I applied the stick even more heavily to my face this morning.

Van Der Hagen boar:
Maybe the best value
in shave brushes
With the wet brush, I swirled the Palmolive soap on my face to a rich lather. It allowed me to use Frankenrazor with a half-used-up Personna Blue blade to do two full passes and an extensive touch-up pass to get a fine shave. I still had much clean, rich left-over lather in the brush, which I squeezed into a re-purposed Greek yogurt cup to dry and re-use. [UPDATE: I don't re-use lather anymore due to possibility of microbiological issues.]

Most importantly, skin irritation was as low as I get from a close shave.

This is NOT Frankenrazor! This is the Maggard MR3B,
the likely instrument for tomorrow's shave.

So in the second use of the Palmolive shave stick, it really soared above the clouds (metaphor) and impressed me.

Looking ahead, I should be receiving a Maggard MR3B razor  (pictured at right) today, which means a new first-use razor review tomorrow! Stay tuned....

Happy shaving!

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