Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust (Another Rimei Vendor, That Is)

The Rimei RM2003 and characteristic plastic case. I love the
tight angles in the stamped, plated baseplate!
In my seemingly interminable quest to acquire a well-made Rimei RM2003 razor (the good Rimei that many praise), I have failed again.

The sole RM2003 that I have received from an eBay seller was manufactured or packaged with defects: a bent safety bar on one side of the razor head and uneven safety-bar-flange lengths. However, because one safety bar was straight, I was at least able to do a trial shave with that safe side.

Bent safety bar.
The razor seemed to shave quite well, very well in fact. So much so that it further heightened my desire to have this razor both for my own use and as a gift for a couple of friends.

So the vendor acknowledges the razor defects from the photos I sent, and asks me, do I desire a refund or replacement? I tell him that I'd really like the razor if he can send one without flaws.

He says he will, then doesn't re-ship anything for a week.

During that week, I email him through the 'bay's internal messaging process asking has he shipped a razor, when, and expected arrival time.

No reply.

After about a week of waiting, I send a second message, this time more threatening: either reply with shipping info, or if I don't hear from you in three days, I'm requesting a refund from eBay.

Within 24 hours he replys: haven't shipped replacement razor yet; you want the razor or a refund? he asks.

Some customer service.  I message back that I want a refund.

I do have what I hope is another RM2003 on order from a (deals extreme) vendor. I say, I hope, because usually these sellers don't list the model number in their sales ads, which is very frustrating. They also often post images of other models or even different manufacturer's razors in the same ad (this one, in particular, did that).

Even if they ship the right razor, my big concern is whether any of these razors are manufactured to tolerances close enough to ensure that any come out of the factory without flaws. I'll let you know.

Happy shaving!


  1. We can send you a Rimei if you like! Tweet us @mutinyshaving! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the offer and the comment. Though I'm removing myself from active involvement in most social media, and awaiting the delivery of a Rimei RM2003 (I hope!) from, depending on how that transaction turns out, I may contact you. Also, if you want to just email me a price on a defect-free RM2003, I'm here at Also, feel free to email info on your company, how you got into the project, plans, current state, etc, and perhaps I'll write an article.