Friday, January 2, 2015

To Each His Own

I was having a touch of writer's block this morning, so I was reading some Amazon reviews of the Merkur 34C razor as a thought starter.

When I read Amazon reviews, I always start with the negative reviews and work my way up to the highly positive reviews.

I used to spend some time making comments, where appropriate, on the negative reviews, trying to be helpful. Lately I haven't been motivated to do this -- partly, I think, because I've gotten to the point that I realized two things:

  • Despite my interest and appreciation of the activity, it just isn't right for everyone.
  • Some people don't have the patience to master a new skill, when there is an alternative short cut.
These realizations are not a slam on those who don't like DE shaving. They are just facts.

I wish everyone could appreciate the satisfaction of getting a good shave with a single-bladed instrument. I love the feel of a smooth shave with no irritation. I have also enjoyed the process of learning to get a smooth shave with no irritation, which has been a journey, no doubt. But even in the earliest shaves, which were much harder on my sensitive skin, there was enough pleasure and interest to keep me in the game.

In the same way that some people will never like tennis (my favorite participation sport), some will never appreciate the skill and outcome of a good DE shave. No matter how much I sell the virtues and joys of tennis, many won't experience that either. 

In the same way that some people will never be motivated to eat for health -- to eat to live, rather than to live to eat -- some people will never give DE shaving a serious trial. No matter how much I teach and encourage avoiding overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, artery disease, heart disease, and all the rest through a healthy diet, some will just refuse. No thanks, they say; not for me, they advise.

Variety and diversity make the world go around. As a result, there are certainly many ways to get through life. You make your choices and you accept the consequences. I personally like not only the process of DE shaving, but also the economy of it and the ecological responsibility of it as well.

To each his own.

Happy shaving!

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