Monday, January 19, 2015

Updates on Recent Cheapo Chinese Razors, Sellers, Problems, and Promises

In my most recent rounds of purchasing inexpensive Chinese-made DE razors from sellers on Amazon and Ebay, here's the status of delivery, and problem follow up and outcome to date:

Via Amazon:

Silver-tone razor as advertised.
Silver Tone Double Edge Blade Razor Shaver w Nonslip Metal Handle, sold by Happyshopping2014; total selling price: $3.19. The razor was ordered on 1 Dec 2014 and arrived on about 21 Dec 2014.

Silver-tone razor as delivered. Only
the handle resembles the razor as
advertised.  :-(
The razor as advertised, was pictured at left. The razor as delivered was at right; it was carelessly packed, allowing the thin, stamped-steel baseplate to be bent in transit. Frankly, however, if it weren't bent during the shipping process, it would have been dangerously configured anyway. 

I sent Happyshopping2014 an email with photos describing the condition of the delivered product. Seller replied, promised sending a new razor. As of today, nothing has arrived. Last week on Friday (16 Jan 2015) I sent an email inquiring about the status of the re-shipment and informing him that if nothing has changed as of the end of January, I will begin the refund process through Amazon.  As of this morning (Monday, 19 Jan 2015) I have received no reply. 

Via Ebay:

Rimei as advertised.
Razor 1:
RIMEI Stainless Steel Double-Edge Blade High Quality Razor, sold by hanetus; total selling price: $5.95. This razor was ordered on 27 Dec 2014 and arrived on about 13 Jan 2015.

Rimei as delivered.
The razor arrived with no damage from shipping; I am sure of that because it was inside a protective plastic case, which was undamaged. However, the razor itself was defective, having a bent safety bar as shown at left, and also having the baseplate manufacted poorly, unevenly, such that the flanges of the safety bars were different lengths and the blade angles of the razor were different by about two degrees when comparing one edge to the other. Also, the razor was not stainless steel (which I pretty much knew it wouldn't be); it had a chrome finish.

I contacted the seller, sending photos of the razor defects (although I did not mention the stainless-versus-chrome issue). After two emails from me (the original with photos and a follow-up inquiry), hanetus committed to the following: "We will reship you a perfect condition product shortly." 

I actually have some hope that I will receive an instrument in good condition as promised. I will report on the outcome if and when the replacement arrives.

JunJie razor as pictured. Hmmm.. looks
suspiciously like the more-pricy Rimei.
Razor 2:
Hot Men JunJie old style double Edge blade razor shaver sharp veneer Hair Razor, sold by your365shop; total selling price: $1.97. This razor was ordered on 29 Dec 2014 and has not yet arrived.

This razor had a series of photos in the sales ad, and all the pictures were ringers for the Rimei razor. Either the seller will deliver a Rimei, or the sales ad is a version of bait and switch. I am leery and suspect a bait-and-switch scam because the Rimei is relatively high quality, when compared to other Chinese razors, and this JunJie was less than half the cost of the bona fide Rimei razor. I've ordered other Chinese razors including a Ri,mei (sic) brand, all of which were priced at less than $3.25 and were basically trash, not treasure. 

I will report on what razor actually arrives when the blessed event takes place.

Happy shaving!

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