Thursday, January 29, 2015

What's in the Cabinet, 29 Jan 2015

I've further simplified my at-hand razor options. I now keep mostly three-piece-razor components, not complete razors, in the bathroom cabinet.

Back row, left to right: vitamin-E oil, skin moisturizer with sun screen, tea-tree-oil after shave, used-blade bank underneath alum block, Nivea after-shave balm, Neutrogena after-shave balm, Gillette after-shave lotion, and Gillette after-shave gel. Center, left to right: Lord L.6 razor head, Merkur-brand traditional-sized chrome handle, Merkur 15C razor head, and the Merkur 33C razor head assembled with the Maggard MR3B handle. Not shown: thin styptic pencil, shave brushes, an assortment of new blades, and my shave soap and left-over lather, which are typically left out of the way on the counter along with the brush I used that day so both soap and brush will dry thoroughly before next use. The empty blade wrapper under the assembled razor is from the blade that I'm using in the current week.

I currently keep only two razor handles in the cabinet. One is the traditional-sized, chromed, nicely-knurled handle of the type included with both my Merkur 33C and 15C. The other is the fat, heavy, black-accented, two-piece Maggard MR3B handle.

I then pair either of the handles with the razor head of my choice according to the blade that I'm using and my whim on that day.

Happy shaving!

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