Sunday, January 25, 2015

More on the Rimei Confusion

On Thursday, I posted an article about the bait-and-switch experience that I had ordering what I hoped would be a great value in a Chinese razor similar to the value received when getting a properly-made bona fide Rimei razor.

The razor I received was not as advertised. Specifically, it wasn't the razor pictured -- the high-quality Rimei razor: the one with the plastic case, the one I really desired. And though a razor arrived with the brand torn off of the top of the blister pack (no plastic case in sight), it appears it wasn't even a JunJie brand as described. If one reads the small print on the bottom front of the blister pack, it seems to be a cheaper model also produced by Rimei, the same company that makes the higher-quality razor shown in the bait-and-switch photos.

The front of the blister pack suggests affiliation with the Rimei brand.

The back of the blister pack also suggests that Rimei is the manufacturer, not JunJie. Note the web URL ( and the email address ( Also the model number, RM:A2001, is prominent.

Apparently Rimei makes at least three models of three-piece DE razors. The one I hoped to get was the one pictured below, the RM2003, which I actually DID receive from an eBay seller (though defective -- a defect-free replacement has been promised), who charged about $6.

One of the photos from the bait-and-switch JunJie-razor ad on eBay. This is actually a photo of a higher-quality Rimei razor, model RM2003, which can be purchased for about $6 from another eBay seller at the time of this writing or for about $4 on

The Rimei three-piece razor that comes in a cardboard-backed blister pack as pictured in the top two photos is the model RM:A2001 or just A2001. There is also a metal-and-plastic-handled model A2019, with which I have no direct experience. My exposure to the A2001, however, suggests it is a much lower-quality product than the RM2003, which is described below. The Rimei A2001 has thinner, bumpy plating on the handle and top cap. The baseplate, though also stamped steel, never appears to be plated, which may make it susceptible to rusting if one leaves it wet. Worse, this baseplate has gentle curves that make the safety bars appear more like wings than the usual safety bars of a Gillette Tech. Further, every razor of this type has required adjustments (bending) of the baseplate before it would be shave worthy.

The following is a photo that is often representing the Rimei A2001 razor (and perhaps other similar knock offs that may even be of even lower quality:

The silver-toned razor often means the Rimei A2001 model, or sometimes an even lower quality. Note the RiMei brand on the blade. Looks nice: note the sharp, precise bends in the baseplate; but looks can be misrepresented....
In reality, the Rimei A2001 razor really looks like this:

This is the first silver-toned Ri,Mei razor I bought. Doesn't look that bad from this angle. However, check out the side view of the razor head with a blade installed, below.

Yikes! This is what the Ri,Mei razor, model A2001, looked like fresh out of the bubble pack after I installed a blade! Shave with that? No thanks. No cleanly-stamped, precise corners in that baseplate!

All that said, the Rimei model RM2003 is a keeper and a good razor, if you can acquire one without defects. (The only one I've received had a defective baseplate with a slightly bent safety bar and uneven-length flanges on the respective safety bars; only the bent safety bar was a show stopper. But I am hoping to get a defect free replacement.). However, the good side of this razor actually shaves quite well.

Unlike the bubble-packed Rimei A2001, the RM2003 comes in an attractive black cardboard box. Within that is the familiar clear-and-blue plastic box with small in-built mirror, a Rimei blade, and the razor itself. By the way, this RM2003 is often advertised as stainless steel, but it is not; it is chrome plated.

Unlike the A2001, the top cap of the RM2003 has distinguishing tabs on the ends, and though the baseplate is made of stamped, chromed steel, the stamping is typically of higher quality with sharply-angled, precise bends and a mild shaving character.

The Rimei RM2003 doesn't come in a blister pack. It comes in this black cardboard box.

This was the good side of my RM2003, the edge that was shave worthy, unbent.

Though the safety-bar flanges are of unequal lengths (the one on the left is much shorter), the superior quality of the stamping on the RM2003, immediately above, as compared to the A2001, far above, is obvious.
The better Rimei, the RM2003, is a razor to acquire; there may not be a better value in the world -- that is, if you can find one that is properly made. The A2001, on the other hand, is not worth the time to order one -- unless the ones I've received are somehow counterfeit. (In fact I have ordered two; both were for razor-modification experiments.)

Sources that will likely not pull a bait-and-switch scam and through which the Rimei RM2003 razor is likely available are listed below, but I can provide no guarantees to assure you that the razors will be the correct model or defect free (buyer beware; perform your due diligence; and be prepared to negotiate for refund or replacement!):

Happy shaving!


  1. Nice article. I just got done getting refunds from 4 different sellers on AliExpress and eBay. They all advertise the A2002 model which is like your RM2003 I believe. However, I got the same junker you got as shown in

    The funny thing is, each of the padded mailers had the exact same address, same sender name, etc so I think it is the same person or company running the scam on multiple places.

    I think the A2001 you got was a fake even though in a package. I read something about that online. The ones I got don't even bother to put it in packaging. It is simply thrown in the padded mailer with a Rimei razor blade.

    I did receive a A2001 model before and noticed that the head is slightly narrower than the ones that come in the blue travel case (A2002, A2003). However, it is still acceptable, not like the scratched up fake looking one you received instead of A2001.

    1. Yeah, I also received one of these razors unpackaged, just loose in a little plastic bag.

      Thanks for the additional information.

  2. I did get one even worse than the one you and I got from an Amazon seller before. It was like a smaller version of the one we got but with no poles on bottom plate, super thin stem and much shorter. I got money back on that one too and kept it to add to my fakes archive. I encourage everyone to do refunds when the item shown in picture is different from what is received and request full refund S&H and everything. The scam keeps going because people thing it is only $2-3 and the shaver is almost acceptable. If everyone would request refund, they would be forced to change advertised image to the actual product they are sending out and scamming would stop.

    1. I completely agree with your encouraging others to get refunds on these bait-and-switch scammers. Well said.

  3. This post is really confusing. I have a razor labelled RM:A2001 that comes in a bubble pack with red writing on white cardboard, and it looks exactly like the one described as RM:2003. I am lucky that it is a good one. I bought mine from an Amazon seller also.

    1. Your comment adds to the mystery, I'm afraid. I'm no expert on Rimei or other Chinese manufacturers, but am merely reporting what I have personally seen and experienced. The bottom line, I guess, is buyer beware, and be prepared to get a refund for any razor that is deceptively advertised.

  4. I've been purchasing Rimei A2003 razors for several years and giving them to friends / co-workers interested in wet shaving. I use one myself and love it, along with a few vintage Gillette's. Unfortunately, I was disappointed when I received my latest shipment from eBay last week and found I had instead received the horribly inferior Rimei A2001 model. After several less than cordial messages to the seller, I received a full refund. Just not sure what to do with these awful razors now!?!??

  5. Source of RM2003, 3.53 bucks, free shipping worldwide: