Friday, October 2, 2015

A Maggard Shave & Cowspiracy

I saw the documentary-feature film, Cowspiracy, this week. It is an entertaining, eye-opening movie that gets to the dirty little secret about climate change and the reality of our food system and eating habits.

This movie is so important for future generations that I'm having my university class on foodservice management watch the film in class next week. It is available on Netflix.

What is interesting to me is the ubiquitous selfishness and resistance to change of human beings. If something isn't an immediate dire threat, we tend to keep our heads buried in the sand -- or somewhere else, where the sun don't shine.
If you care about your children's and grandchildren's world and the life they may have to lead, you might give the movie, Cowspiracy, a view and consider actually taking some action regarding your personal choices -- which might not only be good for the world, but also good for your health as well.


After about a year, I finally broke down and had my first shave with the original Maggard razor head mounted on its MR3B "big boy" handle. Although both the original Maggard head and MR3B handle have been discontinued, Maggard has produced a second-generation safety-bar razor head that is reported to self-center the blade much better than the first-generation razor head. This lack of self-centering had been the primary reason I've kept the Maggard razor head in the razor-storage shoe box in my closet.

Actually, after adjusting the blade to be appropriately straight in the razor head (hmmph!), I had a close two-pass-plus-some-clean-up-strokes shave. Nearly baby smooth, though I did have three small weepers that took a swipe of styptic, I did find the razor head together with its fat, heavy handle to give a good shave.

Maggard has also added an open-comb razor head along with that second-generation straight-bar razor head (which they keep insisting on calling a closed-comb razor, which, of course, is a misnomer). They are noted for their excellent customer service, their razor handles, their straight razors, and a wide array of shaving accessories. They have a store in the city of Adrian in southeasterern Michigan, and can be found on the web at

Happy shaving and stop ignoring the cowspiracy!


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