Monday, October 26, 2015

Sharpologist, Finishing Razors, and Two-rrific!

If you missed my article on Friday, October 23, 2015 that was published on, you can read it here:

There is one minor correction I would like to make in that article, which I discovered after I had written it. It deals with the Weishi 9306-F one-piece razor (that is, it's a TTO design). In that article and in other places I have stated or implied that the 9306 shaves the same as others that are visually identical. This list of 9306 twins includes the Dorco Prime, Van Der Hagen, and MicroTouch One razors.

I can confirm that though visually indistinguishable, the Dorco and Weishi one-piece razors are not identical. The Weishi is milder, and is therefore a better finishing razor, while the Dorco is a better all-purpose instrument.

Since I haven't had the pleasure of actually shaving with the Van Der Hagen or MicroTouch razors, I can't comment on their specific shaving characters.

This morning, following my own advice as presented on, I had a two-rrific shave. I used my c.1948 Gillette Tech for the first, with-grain pass, and the Weishi 9306-F for the final, against-grain, finishing pass and clean-up strokes. For the entire shave I used a tenth-use Bluebird blade.

This morning's shave was excellent, top drawer. Close, comfortable, and good looking (how could it not be?) All I needed to put a capstone on the shave was some after-shave lotion to smell good, and some unscented moisturizing lotion to help keep father time at bay.

Hope your shave this morning was every bit as good.

Happy shaving!


  1. I own a Van Der Hagen and was under the impression that it was a rebranded Weishi for the purpose of being sold at a retailer (in my case the nearby Target department store) Made perfect sense to me as the Weishi's packaging wouldn't appeal to their target audience.

    1. Yes, I would bet that the Van Der Hagen one-piece razor is manufactured by Weishi. However, that doesn't guarantee that its shave character is the same as Weishi's 9306 razors. The Dorco Prime razor is a case in point. Solid, well made, and visually identical to the Weishi 9306-F. Slightly different weights though and the Dorco is a more suitable all-round shaver, while, as I've indicated, the Weishi is extremely mild and well suited for finishing, final-pass instrument.