Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lucky 13th?

Today I had a nice shave with the 13th use of a Personna Super (lab blue) blade.

It was a two-pass shave with just a few extra touch-up strokes under the jaw line. The first pass was largely with grain using vertical, oblique strokes. The second pass was largely against grain, again using vertical, oblique strokes.

Post-war Gillette Tech for my first pass

As has become my custom, both full passes were made with an anti-raking-stroke pattern, in which the razor shaves from lather to the edge of the shaved area. This is the opposite of the common shaving pattern, in which the strokes start at the edge of the lather and stroke inward toward the unshaved area.

Mild-shaving Weishi 9306 one-piece as a finishing razor

This was also a two-rriffic shave, in which I used a c.1948 Gillette Tech for the first pass, and a Weishi 9306-F for the second pass and touch-up strokes.

It was a rewarding, close shave.

As usual, I put the blade away for tomorrow's shave after patting it dry and palm-stropping with an oiled palm.

Happy shaving!

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