Friday, October 23, 2015

Starting Sideways

The planned cross-grain, single-pass shave didn't work out well despite my slow, careful, oblique strokes. It was a bit more harsh than I'd hoped. I did half my face using that method, then returned to the trusty with-grain pass to complete the first one. This was all with the seventh-use Bluebird blade in my c.1948 Gillette Tech.

Then wanting a little better shave, I took a second pass, all cross grain, to finish the shave.

Tomorrow it's the same gear and with-grain first pass. I may stop there with a standard shave, or I may again take a second pass, cross grain like today with the same razor.

I capped today's shave with a bit of alum on my lower neck, where irritated from the cross-grain start. Then a bit of Aqua Velva musk after shave, topped with some moisturizer.

Not a bad shave despite the weak start.

Happy shaving!

1 comment:

  1. I've been using XTG for pass 1 reduction around the midline. I still don't feel it belongs in the continuum of harshness as usually conceived. I think it's just a lazy way to avoid having to hold the skin back behind the blade. As a test, if I push the skin around on the WTG-ATG axis in those spots, then switch to XTG without lifting, my finger is more likely to slide on the skin in that direction.