Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tracking Blade Usage

Do you keep track of how many shaves you get from a blade?

For simplicity, I used to skip the bookkeeping and simply use a new blade every Sunday morning. (I shave daily.)

But as I realized that I had been recycling perfectly good blades with much life left in them, I decided to extract more usage out of each blade. Along with that, I wanted an idea of how many reasonable shaves I was getting from my various blades, so I developed a simple way to track shaves. I keep the paper blade wrapper in the bathroom cabinet along with a small pencil. With every shave, I add a hash mark on the wrapper, which I've already dated with month and year.

This way, I can easily keep a record of shaves on various blades just by keeping the old wrappers in a small envelope.

Because my daily shaves will vary between a standard shave (one pass, with grain) and up to 3-1/2 passes on occasion, I considered tracking passes instead of shaves. However, I felt that was too complicated, and decided to keep things simple as described above.

Happy shaving!

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