Friday, October 9, 2015

Best 1-2 Razor Combinations for Sensitive Skin

If you love a close shave every day, but have found that your face won't tolerate three-pass shaves day after day, perhaps my two-rriffic shave concept is for you. The idea -- as I've explained previously -- is to use a mild/moderate razor for the first, with-grain pass, and a very mild finishing razor for the second, against-grain pass and any additional touch-up strokes.

But what razors to use?

If I were a newbie DE shaver on a budget, I would begin with my oft-recommended Rimei RM2003 razor for an investment of about US$5. This would be my first-pass razor -- and it would also be my only-pass razor as I began the process of learning to shave DE style.

Then as budget allowed, for a second-pass finishing razor I would get the Weishi 9306 razor or one of its twins such as the Dorco Prime razor. (Other apparent but unconfirmed twins to the Weishi 9306 are the Van Der Hagen and the MicroTouch One -- I feel like I'm forgetting one other, but maybe not.)

Razor candidates for 1-2 combinations include the following:

My personal favorites for first-pass razors:
  • Vintage Gillette adjustables set on three to six out of nine
  • Vintage Gillette Tech 
  • Rimei RM2003
  • Merkur 15C open comb
  • Maggard straight-bar razor head (first generation -- despite imperfect blade centering without adjustment)
  • Virtually any other mild-moderate razor -- the key aspect is that you can consistently shave with grain without irritation or wounds
My personal favorites for second-pass razors make an even shorter list:
  • Weishi 9306 or equivalent
  • Vintage Gillette adjustables set on one out of nine

Other one-razor, two-rriffic possibilities include the modern adjustables from Merkur, but since I've never used any of these, I don't know if they will adjust to a sufficiently-mild setting to be both a good first-pass and then an ideal finishing razor. Maybe those who use the Progress, Futur, or Vision razors can comment with their experience and perhaps compare the lowest setting on these razors to the Weishi 9306 or the Gillette adjustables set to their mildest option.

By the way, my two-rriffic shave this morning, with my 14th-use Personna Super in my Merkur 15C and the 9306, was a top-notch shave. 

Happy shaving!

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