Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Basic After-Shave Options

My minimalist-shave protocol uses only splashes of cool water after the shave. During the heating season, however, there will be days when a moisturizer is definitely helpful. Also, at any time of year, one might create a bit too much irritation and will benefit from an after-shave balm or moisturizer.

Some will simply want disinfecting properties. Others, with more oily skin, may prefer products with more astringent characteristics.

Independent of moisturizing, disinfecting, or constricting, many just want to smell nice.

The following is a list of generic after-shave products that disinfect and also have astringent properties:

  • After shave lotion containing alcohol (and can make you smell nice)
  • Styptic pencil (for bleeding)
  • Alum block (for irritation, and minor bleeding)
  • Witch hazel
The following products moisturize:
  • Alcohol-free after-shave balms (and can make you smell nice)
  • Hand or face lotions (some are scented, others not)
  • Various oils such as vitamin E oil, jojoba oil

Obviously these products can be used singly or in combination. In winter, I will often use alum to calm irritation or minor weepers, followed by a water rinse and application of a preferred moisturizer. Because some balms are more water based and tend to moisturize less effectively, sometimes they can be combined with an oil prior to application to face, or followed by a more lingering moisturizer such as various hand or face lotions not designed specifically for after shave.

Happy shaving!

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