Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Week Ahead: Synthetic Brush and Other Explorations

On Friday I was inspired by a reader and fellow DE shaver to pursue my interest in synthetic-bristled shaving brushes. I have been window shopping for several months now, looking at various brands and price points.

With the little push of additional inspiration, I followed through and ordered a brush that I hope will be a good one for both daily use and travel. That should arrive later this week, and I'm looking forward both to the first shave with it as well as reporting on that experience in this blog.

And speaking of travel....

I have turned my attention once again to my currently-designated travel razor, the Lord LP1822L. This is because my analyses last week of the vintage Gillette Slim Adjustable and the Weishi 9306-F razor heads led me to take a closer look at my favorite Merkur 33C shave head in comparison to the Lord LP1822L. I had long assumed that the Lord was a copy of the Merkur, but I now know this is not true. Though they seem to shave alike, their design characteristics are, upon close examination, clearly different.

     Lord LP1822L razor head on the Maggard MR3B "big boy" handle. This      
week will feature a detailed analysis of this razor head compared to the Merkur
33C, as well as a first-time shave with the Lord head on a fat, heavy handle.
So this week will include a bit of further exploration of the contrast between the Lord and Merkur razor heads including using the Lord top cap and baseplate together, coupled with the "big boy" Maggard MR3B handle as well as the standard handle of the Merkur 33C. This (literal) head-to-head comparison will take place as part of this week's blade evaluation of the Gillette Silver Blue blade.

So there's a lot to look forward to including the usual surprises and unexpected outcomes. Stay tuned.

Happy shaving! 

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