Friday, October 3, 2014

Making Love Stay

One of the age-old questions about relationships is "how do you make love stay?" That is, as the newness of love wears off into comfortable familiarity, the character of the relationship changes. The uncertainty of the newness added a certain delicious precious quality, which kept the relationship vibrant, exciting, thrilling.

When things become comfortable, stable, the thrill often leaves. People crave that thrill, and will often seek out new relationships -- even while clinging to the old -- in search of that thrill, that rush that one gets living on the edge of uncertainty.

Am I talking about romance? No. I'm talking about double-edge shaving.

For some, the relationship with razor, blade, soap, and brush becomes boring without the excitement of new things to try, new challenges, new questions to be answered. Perhaps this is part of the addiction of razor- (and other gear-) acquisition disease.

You can indulge that quest for the next unanswered question in DE shaving. Most sellers of shaving supplies probably wish that you would. However, there is a real cost to the constant expansion of shaving products, both in terms of cash and where you store all that stuff that you really don't use much. Even if you sell the excess, there is a cost in terms of time and trouble.

But if you don't indulge the impulse for the new, for the next unanswered question, shaving can become routine, unexciting like kissing your sister. So how can you make love stay?

Like in a marriage, love evolves. It isn't always hot and passionate, but familiarity doesn't only breed contempt. Familiarity breeds comfort, understanding, expertise in handling the relationship. The road can have fewer bumps.

The costs of shaving will stabilize with commitment. Things become predictable: quality of shave, length of shave duration, supply-order cycles. And if you can keep your focus on the benefits rather than on the loss of the thrill (like choosing to see a glass half full rather than half empty), you remain open to the high-quality result, the small ecological footprint, and the economy over time that your DE shave provides.

Happy shaving!

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