Thursday, October 9, 2014

You May Have a Problem with Your Shaving Hobby If....

You may have a problem with your shaving hobby if....

  • You own more razors than pairs of socks
  • You shave more regularly than you shower
  • You fantasize more about shaving than you fantasize about your significant other
  • Your friends complain when you discuss shaving and shaving gear
  • You have a razor-blade inventory that will last ten years -- for you and all your friends -- and you're still buying sampler packs
  • You go to all your favorite on-line shaving forums more frequently than you read the daily news
  • You can't wait for the holidays.... to give shaving gifts to your friends
  • You shave more than once per day.... because you want to
  • You have constant, visible razor burn
  • You have found the perfect razor, blade, and shave-prep combination.... and you still want to try more gear
  • Your facial skin is irritated.... from you admiring your shave with your hand
  • You admire photos of shaving lather posted on the Internet
  • You snuggle with your significant other only so she can appreciate the closeness of your shave
  • Your shaving supplies overflow from the bathroom into one or more closets
  • You have specially-built shaving-gear racks in your bathroom.... one for razors, one for brushes, one for after shave... 
  • You always walk down the shaving aisle in a store to see if there are any new products
  • Family members, when you are discussing your shaving, gently turn the conversation to 12-step programs
What are the other signs that someone may have a problem with their shaving hobby?

Happy shaving!  ;-D

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