Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Razor Acquisition Disease: One Day at a Time

I had a close call yesterday afternoon; some might call it a close shave (pun intended). I realized that I had a few dollars in my PayPal account, and shortly after that realization, started surfing on-line auction sites for vintage Tech razors.

I saw a couple of likely suspects and even went as far as to email a question to a seller who gave an extremely poor, but tantalizing none the less, description of an as-is Gillette Tech razor that appealed to me. Next, I lurked in some old forum discussions about the Tech, and then went back and browsed some more Techs up for auction.

I went right up to the edge of the cliff, seconds away from finalizing a bid strategy to buy one of these old instruments. But I didn't go over. Nope, not me. I stepped back from the brink.

I regained control.

I reminded myself that although it's very fun to get new gear, I had resolved that I was done, and I meant it. I have found my razors. I need no more. Stuff that I own also owns me. It can be a burden. In fact, I reminded myself that my task is to SELL some razors in the shoe box in my closet -- including my vintage 1963 Gillette Slim Adjustable -- not acquire more.

SELL, not buy. That is my mantra of the moment.

While I continue to evaluate various brands of blades, the results of which I publish in my weekly summaries on Saturdays, I already have the razors that are best for me. No more razor purchases, no matter how tempting.

I also have my shave-soap project always there in the background. Though I'm making real progress toward a world-class shave soap for sensitive skin, things move slowly; the testing grinds on (or is that slides on?). It is not as rewarding as the immediate thrill of a first shave with an untried razor, blade, or even a first shave with a new off-the-shelf soap.

But everything's okay now. The crisis was averted. Life goes on... one day at a time.  ;-)

Happy shaving!


  1. Well done on saying no. I'm trying to get my RAD under control. I've sold some of the razors that didn't work for me, but I'm still searching for that Holy Grail as you call it.